DYAD Plays Jazz Arias CD cover

Dyad Plays Jazz Arias

DYAD is a unique duo born from two jazz and classical artists who transcend musical boundaries, transforming the emotion of classic operatic melodies into stylish contemporary jazz. Dyad features Lou Caimano’s bold, lush alto saxophone sound, enfolded in an orchestral way by Eric Olsen’s vibrant and inventive piano. The fluid rhythmic and danic interplay between the musician is a signature feature of the Dyad sound. With Dyad Plays Jazz Arias, Lou and Eric join forces to bring favorite operatic arias into the world of modern jazz with grace, style, brilliant originality, and breathtaking skill.

In this album, veteran jazz artists Randy Brecker and Ted Nash bring their exceptional artistry to the Dyad experience, adding a colorful and dynamic dimension to the music.

DYAD does it again.

“Dyad goes through the borders between Classical and Jazz with ease!” -Paquito D’Rivera, Grammy Award winning saxophonist