July 14, 2013 – Leonid Auskern – Jazzquad.ru

There is a common vector for jazz and classical music – the story of a very long thread, leading back to the idea of “third stream”, put forward by Gunther Schuller. A slightly shorter thread attempts to connect jazz with one of the key areas of classical music – opera. Of the most successful experiments in this direction undertaken in this century, we can recall Joe Lovano’s album Viva Caruso. Now two American musicians, saxophonist Lou Caimano and pianist Eric Olsen, bring to our attention a new project in this area: Dyad Plays Puccini….. The album has a lot of pleasant moments for fans of opera and jazz lovers alike. The arrangements are made ​​with the utmost respect for the original, with much grace and elegance, and in a jazz context. The virtuosity of execution of both parties deserves the highest praise.   (Each arrangement) creates a feeling that the alto saxophonist Lou Caimano is really singing and Eric Olsen’s piano at the same sounds with a true jazz swing. I hope everyone will appreciate the charm and originality of the work.