June 22, 2013 – Chris Spector – Midwest Record

LOU CAIMANO-ERIC OLSEN/Dyad Plays Puccini: No, it’s not two guys trying to do a look at me thing. It’s two guys (piano/sax duo) with some good ideas …taking famous passages from Puccini works like “La Boheme”, “Madame Butterfly”, “Tosca” and more, and treating them all like contemporary jazz works. You could almost hear this as a splinter album from members of Yellowjackets or Spyro Gyra. Removed from PBS and the opera hall, you wouldn’t know this is opera. These guys do a wonderful job of bringing the source material into the present and the jazz club. It’s a wonderful piece of adult listening when the only pyrotechnics you need are the sparks this duo sets off. Well done.